Help us Help Essential Workers!

As featured on ABC7, we are doing our part to flatten the curve and stop the spread so we’re producing tailor made masks. You can enable us to continue producing and donating these by purchasing them.

Our company has always considered the impact every decision would have not simply on profit, but importantly how it would affect all of our stakeholders including our employees and their families, our customers, our vendors, and the community at large.

Martin feels a deep gratitude to our country which liberated him from slavery and welcomed him to establish a new life here. He could never even think about moving the production away, abandon our employees, simply to achieve greater profit. That’s why we’re still here and able to help provide needed protective gear now.

Thanks for your help and wear our masks in good health!

To get this started we are offering sets of 6 masks for $108. We will ship you 6 and donate 6 for each set you purchase.  Please feel free to purchase multiple sets if you want to help more.

Go to Our Shop Page to Buy and Donate Masks

If you don’t need masks and just want to help provide them, you can also choose to donate through GoFundMe. You can donate any amount you choose

Go to Our GoFundMe Page to Donate Only