Our Process

All tailored clothing is handcrafted right here in our Brooklyn factory.

You come to your appointment with an idea of your clothing needs. We like to take the time to discuss how and when you will wear your new clothes to help figure out the best style and fabric to meet your specific need. We then use our expertise to guide you towards the most appropriate weight and quality of fabrics (we carry the full line of offerings from Loro Piana, Dormeil, Vitale Barberis, Holland and Sherry, Scabal, and other top Huddersfield and Biella mills.) We focus not just on the color and weight but also the desired finish and performance to meet your personal preferences.

We help you choose the linings to compliment your clothing keeping in mind your preference to have it blend in or stand out. We learn about your style and preferred fit while we try on different garments to see how they look and how you feel to determine what is best for you in terms of the many customized details including: shoulder definition, silhouette, fit, comfort, pocket style, button height, lapel width and style, vent details, pant closure and adjusting, leg taper, vest options, etc.

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We then measure you, including specific body measurements, balance and posture measurements, and determine specific garment measurements. This enables us to use our unique and proprietary process to create a new unique pattern completely individualized to you.

We will order your fabric while we create your custom pattern. We fully hand-tailor your clothing; fitting the finest full canvas into the jacket, making the pockets, armholes, and collars by hand. We construct all pants with a full hand-sewn curtain for thinness and comfort.

In about 4-5 weeks we will have your custom clothing ready for a fitting. You will need shoes and a tailored shirt. The jacket will be finished enough for us to see the look and fit but won’t have any button holes yet, the pant legs won’t be hemmed yet, and the jacket sleeves will not be finished yet. We’ll evaluate and fine tune the fit and determine the finishing details such as button hole placement, desired pant length, button selection, and final sleeve length—do you prefer to show a little more or less shirt cuff?

About 10 days later your clothing will be ready for pickup or delivery. Whenever possible we can vary the schedule to meet your needs. We’ll be willing to welcome you back for a tweak or to mend a broken thread. We want you to enjoy your clothing for years to come.

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