Our Heritage

Martin Greenfield emigrated to the United States as an orphaned Holocaust survivor in 1947 and got his first job as a floor boy at the GGG clothing factory we now operate in. Martin went to night school to learn English, got his citizenship, and worked at the factory for 30 years, becoming the production manager. In 1977 after his employer decided to shut down the factory Martin purchased it and established Martin Greenfield Clothiers, producing clothing for businessmen and grooms, as well as presidents and celebrities.

Martin has always been grateful for having been liberated from Buchenwald by the United States Army. He started his career as a Union member and always felt a strong desire to give back to the communities that welcomed him. When the neighborhood got rough and factories started moving away Martin pulled other owners together and helped establish one of the first Industrial parks in NYC, now known as Evergreen. He served on the local community board.

Martin Greenfield always considered the needs of the employees, the neighborhood, the vendors, and customers in his decision-making. These are values he instilled into his sons Jay and Tod who worked alongside him for over 35 years. While Martin enjoys a much deserved retirement (after working in the same factory for over 72 years) Jay and Tod run the shop now. Martin Greenfield Clothiers has continuously evolved from a CMT (cut make and trim) producer for menswear shops, department stores, and designers into a direct to consumer custom suitmaker. We also produce hand-tailored clothing for TV shows, movies, Broadway shows, and tailor shops. We still produce all our tailored clothing right here in Brooklyn using the traditional handcrafted methods because engineering the life out of the process and moving production away just doesn’t make sense to us.

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